How does

Fabulyst work?

FABULYST is a new API based solution for automated product tagging. FABULYST platform generates custom data feeds for integration with 3rd party platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.


Replace time consuming Excel Sheets with easy to use Dashboard. The FABULYST Taxonomy manager is a one stop solution for data sanity tasks like tag update and tag rename.


You can upload the Product images using our SAAS dashboard or automate the process by integrating Fabulyst APIs. FABULYST customer plans also includes free consultation and on-demand development for automating your data upload.


You can collect the tagged product data using Fabulyst APIs or Dashboard. FABULYST provides inbuilt data download integrations for platforms like Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Algolia and other similar 3rd party platforms.

In three easy steps, Fabulyst now circulates tags to all your
integrated platforms and ensures that you are not losing any visibility
in this competitive fashion jungle.

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